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Cottage Care

Seasonal Cottage Care

Do you have a seasonal vacation home on the Iowa Great Lakes?

Another winter has passed, and we hope you had a great one. We look forward to having you back this summer. We will open your summer home a week prior to your arrival date (which you will indicate below). Please complete the following form at least two weeks prior to your arrival. If you had your gas and electric disconnected last fall, please make sure the utilities are reconnected before we go to open your summer home. Upon receipt or the following completed form we will issue you a confirmation number to the e-mail address which you will provide below.

We will schedule your opening for a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of the first full week before your arrival. Be sure to contact your utility company to have your electricity on through that full week or we will not be able to open.

When we open or close your lake/vacation home, there are a number of services we can perform for you.

Set thermostat | Perform a seasonal inspection of your heating and cooling equipment | Turn on water and inspect for leaks | Check water heater | Fill and inspect water softener | Inspect water pumps and/or sump pumps | Inspect sink and bathroom fixtures | Check other appliances | Dishwasher | Washing machine | Ice Maker

We have new thermostat options that can provide you with the peace of mind of controlling your Lake Home from your mobile device. We offer a Honeywell system that gives you full control of your heating and cooling equipment and any attached accessories. This works via the internet so you can control it from your smart phone or laptop anywhere in the world. It also gives you the option to set up alert emails so if something were to go wrong you would know it instantly!

It will be your responsibility to provide us with a key to your property and to have utilities (water and electricity) activated prior to our arrival.

The following forms determine if you would like us to “Open” or “Close” your lake/vacation home. Click “Submit” and your form will be sent directly to Lakes Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

Let us do the work so you can maximize your time at the lake!